Apple Discontinuing Aperture

Bad news for photographers. Apple just announced it would be discontinuing Aperture, the RAW file management and photo editing software that for its first few years of existence, at least, was a legitimate rival to Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom. Many photographers who don’t use Aperture may simply shrug off this news, but I’m here to say it’s a big deal. A dearth of options in photo editing software isn’t good for any of us, whether we used Aperture or not. The only folks who are particularly pleased by this news, I’m sure, are working for Adobe. Many more users are likely to make the switch from the soon-to-be defunct Aperture to the world of Lightroom. Apple is planning a replacement application, though, called Photos for OSX (pictured above) and it’s due out next year. If you’re an Aperture user and you’re not ready to make the switch to a new platform, hang tight until the new Photos app is launched, as Apple has announced it will make it easy to migrate existing Aperture libraries to the new application. Read more, including insightful discussion in the comments, at DP Review.

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