Anything’s Possible with Photoshop

People always ask when I make portraits of them, “Can you Photoshop me to make me look great?” They’re usually somewhat tongue-in-cheek requests, but the answer is yes, I can make you look great. (And depending on my mood, I might add that anything is possible if you’ve got enough budget!) Well if you’re ever wondering about exactly what is possible with Photoshop in terms of retouching and beautifying, check out these examples from the Society of Publication Designers. My favorite is the simple fake advertisement for Photoshop Day Cream, but the others (in video form) will blow you away when you see what’s possible with a few mouse clicks. And remember, as I tend to remind people when they exclaim how amazing Photoshop is, yes the program is truly amazing but it’s the skilled hands of the photographer/retoucher who is really doing the work. So check out these videos and see that anything truly is possible.

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