Ansel On Video

Regular readers know how much I love a good photographic documentary. Getting a glimpse behind the scenes to watch a world-class photographer at work is about as good as it gets. Thankfully because of the age in which we’re living, this sort of special glimpse into a photographer’s workflow can happen fairly regularly as so many wonderful documentaries have been uploaded to YouTube. One of the earliest photo documentaries I’ve ever seen is this 1957 film by Beaumont and Nancy Newhall—the 20th century’s first couple of photography—about iconic nature photographer Ansel Adams. Take a look at John Paul Caponigro’s blog to get a glimpse into the master’s working approach, a breakdown of his equipment, and even a few minutes of the man himself performing on piano. A worthwhile video for fans of Ansel and fans of good documentaries alike. It’s full of wonderful little quirks about Adams. For instance, you may have heard that his preferred vehicle had a large platform strapped to the roof. But did you know that it was also an old eight-passenger limousine? The sight of the man himself loading his car full of gear to head out for work is simply wonderful. (After you finish this video, root around Mr. Caponigro’s blog to find a few other videos of Ansel at work.)

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