Another Photojournalist Admits To Unethical Editing

The Associated Press last week severed its relationship with a Pulitzer prize-winning photojournalist after he confessed to digitally manipulating an image. The edited image—in which a video camera was removed from the corner of a frame—would certainly pass muster for any number of purposes, but not for photojournalism. Interestingly, the photographer, Narciso Contreras, brought his editors’ attention to the manipulation of the image. He was concerned that if it was publicized the image might spread widely and become a larger problem for the publication and its editors, rather than just for himself, so he fell on his sword. It’s certainly sad to see any ethical lapse from a photojournalist, but in this case it’s at least somewhat refreshing that he confessed of his own volition and that, as best his editors can tell after further investigation, it was an isolated incident. Read more at the New York Times Lens blog.

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