Annie Leibovitz PBS Documentary

The PBS NewsHour recently aired a wonderful little interview with iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz about her most recent project, "Pilgrimage." While she’s been known as one of the world’s preeminent portrait photographers of the last fewml decades—frankly, = she’s priobably the most famous portraitist of that time—her Pilgrimage is not portraits at all. She visited famous locales—Niagara Falls, Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home, Thoreau’s cabin at Walden Pond—to photograph the artifacts and places that helped to define some of the most important people of the last two centuries. It really is a fascinating project, beautifully executed, and full of beautiful photographs. It’s made all the more impressive given that Leibovitz simply has never photographed in this way before. Her photographs are almost universally successful, and in their own way they’re still portraits—simply without people present. Fascinating. Check it out at

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