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Anatomy Of A Photo: Working With A Longer Focal Length

Creating an eight-image pano with a ZEISS prime lens

Sony a7R III | ZEISS Batis 2.8/135
1/320 sec. at f/2.8; ISO 100 | 8 images pano-stitched
August 10, 2019

It’s rare that I’d ever head off anywhere, even locally, without bringing at least one camera and lens with me. I may not bring filters or a tripod, but I’ll always carry a camera with me, just in case. Usually, I’ll change which lens I use, preferring to use those that haven’t had much action in a while. On one such occasion, I found myself exploring some canyons near where I live and happened to have a personal favorite lens on, and one that’s wholly underrated. At a locked focal length of 135mm, this particular ZEISS prime lens is longer than what I’d normally use, especially when I saw this particular scene. Rather than give up, I held my camera vertically and took two rows of four exposures, taking care to overlap each one considerably. When I got home, I quickly stitched the eight shots together to get this beautiful canyon shot with some amazing depth, thanks to the foreground trees and the lens compression introduced with the longer focal length.

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