An Unseen Ad Campaign

I’ve been a fan of Blair Bunting’s photography since I first saw one of his intense football portraits last year. His work’s got an edgy, gritty look that lends itself to all sorts of subjects. Along with a portfolio full of athletes, Blair also photographs advertisements for some very popular reality TV shows, including my personal favorite—Discovery’s Deadliest Catch. Fans of the show know that a beloved principal character, Captain Phil, died suddenly last year. It just so happened that Blair had been commissioned to shoot an ad campaign playing on the "cheating death" aspects of the violent nature of crab fishing. Running the campaign, which was completed just days before Captain Phil’s death, would have been in poor taste, so it was cancelled. That was more than a year ago, but just last week Blair finally decided to show some of his favorite images from the unused campaign. Not only does Blair’s blog currently show a great example of an image from the group, it also includes a neat behind the scenes video showing how he pulled the shots together in the studio. Check out the intense images and read about how Blair even used his own teeth to give an image a dose of gory reality.

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