An Over-The-Counter Tripod Hack

Finally someone smartened up to realize that A, some photographers don’t want to build their own DIY camera hacks, and B, some photographers just don’t want to carry a tripod, no matter how compact and convenient it might be. Well a couple of years ago I wrote about how to build a string tripod (which I still advise as a great way to help steady your camera when you don’t have a tripod at hand) and now finally someone smarter than me has built one to sell to the mass market. It’s from Photojojo (of course!) and it’s called the Pocket Pod. This palm-sized device works the same way as a homemade string tripod: it affixes to the bottom of the camera’s tripod socket and then you pull a string down to the ground, step on it with your toe and pull the line taught to create enough tension to steady the camera. It really works well, whether purchased or homemade. Though the $24 over-the-counter variety is considerably less expensive than many camera accessories, it’s still a bit of a premium over the few bucks of screws and string you’d spend to build the DIY model.

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