An Eruption Of Color

We just bought a new 4K flat screen television at my studio, and it’s pretty amazing—though I have yet to use it for something that really blows me away. That’s sure to change as soon as I use it to view this ad for Sony 4K TVs. Why am I showing you a television advertisement? Because it’s stunningly beautiful. The production team of photographer Nick Meek and director Jaron Albertin showered a tiny Costa Rican village with 8 million flower petals. I bet it’s even more than 8 million, because in total the petals weighed more than 3.5 tons, and when you see the scope of the production it truly is breathtaking. What a perfect way to show off the four times more resolution than standard HD. Before you go dismissing this as just a work of digital imaging wizardry, allow me to point out that everything you see in this video was done in camera with no digital manipulation. Which also makes this spot serve as a good reminder for us photographers: you can do amazing, beautiful, wonderful things in camera and without a lot of post-processing skill—as long as you think creatively. Watch the video at

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