Amazon's Fine Photography Marketplace

I do a whole lot of my shopping online via I’ve purchased everything from books to shoes at the site, and I’m happy to learn I can now purchase fine art from there too—including fine photography from the biggest names in the genre. Amazon has announced its beta version of the Amazon Fine Art Marketplace, which includes everything from million dollar Warhols to a section of works priced under $200—and, of course, fine photography. Before the artist in you devises a plan to take your print sales to the world’s largest retailer, take note that you need gallery representation. Since the Fine Art sales are part of Amazon’s Marketplace, only actual art dealers and galleries can sign up to sell via the service; it’s not open to individual artists. I wonder if it will increase sales of fine art in general? Making fine photography easily reachable to the masses sure seems like a good idea. It looks like we’re about to find out.

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