All About Lightroom Collections

I’ve been working with Lightroom for about a year now and I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on it. I’m happy with my workflow and I feel like the program is generally intuitive to work with. That said, there’s one major feature that I don’t use in a very in-depth way: collections. Of course I have basic collections set up, but I also know I’m not harnessing the power of collections in the most efficient and effective ways. Thankfully Helen Bradley, who always writes very insightful and helpful tips for Lightroom and Photoshop CS, has published an in-depth look at Lightroom Collections on the DPS web site. From Smart Collections to sorting tips, Helen’s tutorial is immensely helpful for Lightroom users who are looking to harness a little more of the great program’s organizational power—which is exactly what I need to do.

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