Album Cover Photography

Music fans and photography lovers unite. Over on the web site Quora—the place to find out everything you want about anything (imagine Yahoo Questions meets Wikipedia)— there’s a curated category of posts called Cover Lovers, and it’s all about analyzing album artwork. Aaron Ellis is a former music critic who breaks down the significance, symbolism and just plain creative photographic and design techniques used in the making of some great album covers. Everything from a look at Annie Liebovitz’s "Born in the USA" cover for Bruce Springsteen to an album for the Talking Heads comprised of hundreds of Polaroids, made by noted Punk art photography Jimmy De Sana. (The artist collaborated with the most famous Talking Head, David Byrne, who happens to be a classically trained photographer himself.) It’s a neat look at some great photography (and interesting graphic design as well, I should say, since not every awesome album cover includes an iconic photograph) with a bit of information about who worked on the art, what they did, how they did it and why. Best of all, since it’s on Quora, a site dedicated to asking and answering questions, you can always put in your own album cover request.

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