Adventure Portraiture

I recently had the good fortune of attending a lecture by forward-thinking photographer Jay Kinghorn. Along with a good bit of wisdom about the photo business, Jay also told me about a friend of his who’s a very talented photographer. Claudia Lopez is her name and she’s a phenomenal mountaineering and travel photographer. "She has a unique style in the way she tones her images," Jay said, "and she specializes in taking portraits of climbers and mountaineers in their environment." Her portfolio looks unlike any other—namely because most portrait photographers don’t climb 8,000-foot peaks to make their portraits, and most mountaineering photographers don’t have quite such a deft touch when it comes to photographing people. What I appreciate most about it is the context: she really paints a picture of what life is like for the people who make these amazing mountaineering expeditions. See for yourself at her site,

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