Adjusting Black Point And White Point For Better Images

Former OP editor Rob Sheppard recently published some useful digital imaging information on his Nature and Photography blog, and it’s about giving your pictures more pop by adjusting the blacks and whites. This is a topic I’m fairly passionate about, because I tend to adjust both in post in hopes of adding a bit of punch to my digital images, and to keep them from becoming bland, flat monotonous messes—which is the danger if your images are devoid of tones at each end of the spectrum. As Rob points out, it’s the black point and white point that help to lay the foundation of a beautiful photograph that encompasses a full spectrum of tonalities. He cites Ansel Adams as well as basic digital imaging theory in this tip that can be applied to any image, using almost any software. Take a look at Rob’s advice and start setting your blacks and whites at the start of editing every image and I bet you’ll be amazed by how much better your photographs start to look.

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