Accessories For Landscape Photography

Sometimes new photographers get all discombobulated when it comes to gear. Case in point: you decide you want to make some landscape photographs, you get your camera and your lenses and your tripod and you set out for a great destination. Everything’s great, including the sunrise on the subject you’ve traveled miles to photograph, until some fellow photographer—or maybe even something you read in a photo magazine—tells you that you’ve simply got to have a certain widget if you’re serious about your pictures. So what are those widgets anyway? Well when it comes to outdoor and landscape photography, there are a handful of supremely useful devices that every new photographer will want to know about. The fine folks at Digital Photography School have put together a short primer of six accessories to help you improve your landscape photographs. In fairness, though, one of them is the tripod—and everybody knows that already, right? So let’s call it a list of five accessories that are ideal for landscape photography.

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