A Wealth Of Photo Resources, All On Video

John Paul Caponigro recently filled his normally very interesting blog with a whole bunch of videos about another photographer. That photographer is Ansel Adams, and the YouTube clips are definitely worth watching. But what really blew me away about this post was what it led me to: a couple of great video discoveries, caches of photography videos collected online. First is the super-secret (or so it would appear) stash of videos hidden away on John Paul Caponigro’s site. A simple text page that looks like it might be a mistake turns out to contain links to videos from forty-some world-class photographers. The second great group of videos actually comes from the YouTube page where Mr. Caponigro found all those great Ansel Adams videos. It’s Tom Johnston’s ZoneIII YouTube channel, and it’s packed with dozens of photo-related videos—interviews with photographers, videos of their workflows and how-to videos made by Mr. Johnston himself illustrating photographic and darkroom techniques. Between these two caches of videos you can pretty much learn whatever you want about photography from whomever you’d like, and you won’t run out of videos to watch any time soon.


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