A stunning Digital Composite

Ever wonder what you’d look like if you could average your face over a period of almost two years? Sort of a weird thought, I know, but by compositing together 500 images from the self-portrait-every-day project of Flickr user "clickflashwhirr," digital artist and designer Tiemen Rapati has figured it out. He determined the average tonal value of every given pixel within the frame (exactly how, I’m not sure—but that’s his prerogative) and arrived at an "average" portrait—which also happens to be a beautiful photograph. It makes sense, too, as the details that change least from day to day (eyes, nose, mouth) are rendered sharpest in the image, while parts at the periphery (clothes, hair, accessories and background) all fade into a shapeless blur. The result is a nifty bit of computer-aided image-making, and one heck of a stunning portrait. Check it out at the Colossal blog and find out more via Mr. Rapati’s own Flickr page.


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