A Spelunker’s Stunning Photographs

Nearly 20 years ago, Dinko Stopic set foot in his first cave when he was invited to go spelunking with some friends. Turns out the photographer loved it, and now he’s photographed in more than two dozen caves. How do you photograph in a pitch black cave? Simple: you bring a few assistants and several strobes. Stopic explained to Wired magazine, which recently featured the photographer and his beautiful work, that he likes to work with at least two—and preferably three or four—assistants, each armed with an affordable Yongnuo flash strapped around their neck. The work Stopic is able to create in humid, dank, dark caves is a testament to not only his creativity and tremendous photographic eye, but for his endurance and wherewithal to go through everything necessary to be able to photograph for hours at a time even miles underground. Check out this great gallery of images at http://www.wired.com/2015/09/dinko-stopic-cave-photography/

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