A Remedy For Visual Bias

Do you ever feel like you’re consistently producing photographs that are somehow skewed? What I mean is, do you find yourself occasionally producing work that is either too dark, or too light? Maybe too warm, or too cool? A lot of these problems are solved by keeping your monitor well controlled with profiling hardware, but I’ve found that I still develop habits that affect my work. Reading The Online Photographer recently I found a great way to combat at least one of those trends, and I put it to work immediately. You see, I’d been feeling that my work was erring on the "too bright" side. Not necessarily overexposed, but just brighter than I felt like it needed to be. And it occurred to me when reading about Canvas Value in Photoshop on TOP that my fairly bright computer background could be making me overcompensate in my photos, producing work that is brighter than it needs to be. So I adjusted my Photoshop Canvas Value to make it a fairly dark gray. Now when compared to the background against which I’m working, a slightly darker photo will appear "normal" and I’ll be more inclined to produce subtly darker work—counteracting that disturbing trend that had been skewing my work of late. Sometimes it’s the simplest techniques that have the biggest impact on your photographs.


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