A photographic Rube Goldberg Contraption

Not long ago a video went viral and took the photo-blogosphere by storm. In case you haven’t seen it, it features a photographic Rube Goldberg contraption in a four-minute free-for all that’s as ridiculous as it is inspiring. (Minus the cheesy commercial endorsements built in.) The photographers of 2D Photography in Toronto crafted the fun project that certainly garnered them a bit of internet celebrity. Check out the video, as well as a behind the scenes look, at the 2D Photography web site. But that’s not all I’ve got for you today. This video got me to thinking about some other great Rube Goldberg videos I’ve seen online. So I decided to compile a few and share them with you. There was a great one last year courtesy of the band OK Go, and one I remember enjoying on the television show Mythbusters. But my absolute all-time favorite, and a veritable industry standard in Rube Goldberg contraptions, was a commercial for carmaker Honda. Produced in 2003 the video not only showcases the awe factor of an over-the-top contraption, but it is filmed and photographed beautifully. Inspiring all around.


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