A Photographic Menagerie

I’ve been a fan of the photography of Sharon Montrose for several years now. In fact, I’ve got one of her pictures hanging on my wall. It’s a beautiful portrait of a mccaw. Yes, that’s right, she makes bird portraits. And donkey portraits. And monkeys and owls and porcupines. She makes sublime images of all sorts of animals, and they’re somehow dignified and funny and beautiful all at once. They’re simply wonderful, which is why I was thrilled to learn of her brand new book, Menagerie. I’m definitely going to be purchasing a few of these to hand out as gifts this holiday season. It seems like a perfect present for anyone from designers to animal lovers to kids. Check out more of Sharon’s work at her commercial site, or order a signed copy of the book or art prints of her images at her Animal Print Shop web site.


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