A Phone That Thinks It’s a Camera

This is weird, and I feel strange even mentioning it. It’s a phone that’s a camera. Or at least it thinks it is. The camera maker (phone company) has decided is worthy of its own school for learning how to use it. It’s the Nokia N8, and it’s got a bit of an identity crisis. Apparently it’s got at least some point-and-shoot camera chops, because Nokia is treating this phone really seriously as a camera. As in, they have an online camera school dedicated to using the N8. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, if you’re going to carry a phone (which you are) and if it’s going to have a camera (which it will) and you’re going to use it (which inevitably you will) then it might as well be fantastic and amazing. On the other hand, with all of this hubbub about increasingly great cameras in phones, are we just settling for really poor versions of what an inexpensive point and shoot could do much better? Either way, the technology keeps moving forward, and that’s definitely all positive. Somebody wake me when my cell phone has interchangeable lenses, okay?


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