A Nifty New Leica

I have never owned a Leica. I borrowed one once, when I was too young to know how special that clunky looking old camera was. It was only after I’d given it back that I realized how unique that World War 2 era rangefinder was to the history of photography. Well now maybe I’ll invest in this new 100th anniversary camera Leica has created. There’s nothing clunky about it. It’s a beautiful, minimalist work of art, which Leica seems especially attuned to creating. It’s the Leica T, pictured here with the very first Leica ever, manufactured a century ago. The new Leica T is milled from a solid block of aluminum and fits somewhere into the middle of the red dot lineup—not as high as the S and M series, but ahead of the X and Lux cameras. I mostly want it to look at, rather than shoot with. I guess that’s why I’ve never actually purchased one: I’d be afraid I’d never use it, just set it on a shelf and gaze in wonder. One of these days, though … one of these days.


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