A Master Printer's Dodging And Burning Directions

Magnum’s master printer, Pablo Inirio, has shared with Fstoppers a series of work prints marked up with his notes for darkroom dodging and burning. I was never an expert darkroom printer, though I definitely did always enjoy the challenge. The hardest part, I’ve always thought, is that printing is an totally separate skill from photographing. To be great, you have to do both really well. It gives me new appreciation for the classical masters of the medium who exhibited such skill behind the camera as well as in the darkroom. Anyway, I love this glimpse into a master’s darkroom notes—which happen to be on some iconic photographs from some of the biggest names of 20th century photography. This post also serves as a reminder of just how easy we have it these days when it comes to making prints, with dodging and burning becoming a permanent part of a digital image file.


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