A Kickstarter Success Story

I love the idea behind the web site Kickstarter, especially as it relates to creatives. You get an idea, you need to raise funds to make that idea a reality, you start a Kickstarter project and folks all over the world can contribute to projects they believe in—or the ones that offer the best schwag in exchange for a monetary pledge. While I’ve seen interesting Kickstarter projects for photo books, travel magazines, gallery prints and even independent films, none of them have seen the success of this project by an inventor of an interesting piece of camera gear. It’s the Capture Camera Clip system, which is designed to let you securely hold your camera on your belt, without worrying about camera straps and too much fuss. The device sure sparked the interest of lots of other photographers, because as of this writing almost 5,200 of them have contributed a whopping $370,000—a significant success when you consider that the inventor, Peter Dering, was looking to raise just $10,000 in order to complete an initial production run of the product. Check out his Kickstarter page, consider contributing, and look for this neat device as soon as it’s released.


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