A Hacking Story Serves As A Reminder About Backing Up Important Files

Last week a hacker made news outside of the blogosphere when Wired writer Mat Honan was the unfortunate victim of a cyber attack that exploited weaknesses in Amazon and Apple security systems in order to gain access to, and eventually eliminate, all of the data (including photographs) on Honan’s iPhone, iPad and laptop. It’s an interesting story for anyone who relies on technology to manage personal data, but even more interesting for those of us with tons of invaluable images in our care. Interestingly, it turns out this article includes mention of Peter Krogh’s DPBestflow 3-2-1 backup strategy, advocating three backups comprised of two different formats and one off site. That’s a strategy I’ve been espousing for years, one that most people think seems like it would be just too much trouble. I’ve long advocated for keeping a backup of everything not only off-site but in the cloud, and it’s good to get a little bit of validation in this instance. Just a shame Honan had to lose irreplaceable photographs in the process. Read the story for its general interest appeal, or to give yourself a potentially necessary kick in the pants to get your backups in order. Either way it’s quite worthwhile.


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