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A guide for pricing photography

With more and more amateur photographers dipping their toes in the waters of paid photography, there’s a lot of discussion these days about exactly what to charge for assignments. The conventional wisdom seems to be that newbies aren’t sure of what to charge, and so they underbid established photographers quite significantly, which has a triple effect: the newbie is paid less than a fair value for the work, the established photographer loses income altogether, and the market value of photography in total goes down. This is not good for photographers at all, new or old, period. Now there’s a new web site called Shakodo that aims to help new photographers determine what to charge for their work. It’s not a price guide per se, but rather a venue where photographers can share ideas, facts and figures on pricing all kinds of photography. If you’re considering charging for a photo shoot, even if it’s just a one-time thing, have a look at Shakodo and see if it helps put more money in your pocket.

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