A Great Video About Sibling Photojournalists

Yet another reason to love YouTube. It’s like the library of congress for quirky videos. Do you remember a great news item from 15 years ago? Check YouTube and, sure enough, it probably lives there. The 15-year-old piece in this case is a great interview and exploration of the work of twin brother photographers Peter and David Turnley. These world-class photojournalists can teach all of us a thing or two about documentary photography, and image gathering in general. It’s interesting enough that twin brothers both became prize-winning photographers; even more so when you consider just how competitive they are. The nice thing about the 60 minutes story is that it isn’t just a mere glimpse, but a real in-depth exploration; this piece, called Double Exposure, comes in at nearly 14 minutes long. It’s intense but worthwhile. Thanks to Michael Johnston at The Online Photographer for linking to this interesting video. 


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