A Few Great Tripod Accessories

I love my tripod, and I feel like it’s fairly tricked out: it’s got legs and a geared head I love… and that’s about it. I never give much thought to tripod accessories, or I never did until I read this great post by Photo Naturalist Steve Berardi. He suggests three simple—and yes, amazing—accessories for tripods. The first one is an L-shaped bracket that keeps your camera centered over the legs even when positioned in the vertical axis. He had me with this one; I hate the way my camera dangles there over the side of my tripod whenever I go vertical. Not only do I hate it, it tends to mess me up when I’ve worked to center myself precisely for a composition. I won’t give away the other two accessories, so you’ll have to go read about them for yourself. Trust me when I say that your tripod CAN be tricked out, and it’s probably a great way to improve your tripod efficiency too.


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