A Christmas Photo Op

If you’re celebrating Christmas today, I wish you the happiest of holidays filled with family, fun and great new memories. For those of you without plans, maybe today presents the perfect opportunity to get outside and photograph. For much of the country, that’s going to mean dealing with winter weather. The plus side is that snow and ice can make for gorgeous photographs, but the downside is all that frozen water can wreak havoc on your expensive and delicate camera equipment. Our friends at Outdoor Photographer recently wrote about some great devices to protect your gear in cold and snow. These devices run the gamut from the everyday—like a UV filter to protect delicate lens coatings—to the common sense (employing microfiber cloths to keep glass clean) and the highly specialized, like camera coverings to keep your gear safe and dry. The key to remember, of course, is that even on a fairly dry day, all that snow is just water waiting to happen. So start with some of these simple devices to make sure you’re well covered, and remember to put your gear in an airtight plastic bag before returning it indoors to warm up. If you’re short on these equipment basics, well maybe stay inside today and visit your favorite camera store tomorrow to pick up these devices. Maybe you’ll even find an after-Christmas sale. Happy Holidays!


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