A Camera-On-Camera Rig That Shoots Photos And Videos Simultaneously

Photographers are being pressed, like so many employees at so many companies, to do more and more with less and less. Americans are actually incredibly productive with our working hours, which is part of the reason companies don’t need to hire so many employees any more. For photographers, doing more these days often means shooting video as well. Commercial clients ask for it, and newspapers often expect it as well. With photo staffs being cut around the country, photographers who can deliver photos and video are able to enhance their job security too. The problem with shooting photos and video simultaneously is that it’s nearly impossible to do these two things actually simultaneously. Normally the endeavor requires a decision at every given instance, to capture stills or video. The shooter is constantly reassessing and switching between the two. New York Times staff photographer Doug Mills devised an ingenious—albeit hefty—rig that allows him to actually shoot photos and videos simultaneously. Read all about it at the Lens blog, and watch the video of Mr. Mills in action.


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