50 Years Of Jerry Uelsmann

Think of this as a multipurpose post. On the one hand, if you’re already aware of the mastery of black & white darkroom wizard Jerry Uelsmann and his ethereal, otherworldly photographic constructions, then this post can simply serve to make you aware of a new gallery show highlighting work from throughout his 50-year career at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, California. If you’re anywhere near the Central Coast, make time in the next couple of months to visit his "Dances with Negatives" exhibition. The other purpose of this post is as an introduction for the unfortunate folks who aren’t yet familiar with Mr. Uelsmann’s fantastic photographs. So, for their information, Jerry Uelsmann is an amazing photographer you should definitely know about. Learn more about him at his web site, and at the Center for Photographic Arts web site as well. 


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