35mm Photo Montages

When I was in college, a popular art class photo assignment was to create a photo montage. Of course, I’m ancient and that meant we were using film for these montages. My favorite approach, probably because it was the most fun, was to incorporate the format of the film itself to make these images. On a 36-exposure roll of 35mm, for example, you might do seven rows of five, or five rows of seven, or even six rows of six to create a framework montage that uses the very nature of the film roll to help contribute to the composition. Though I did make some neat work with this approach, it all pales in comparison to Thomas Kellner who takes this concept to the not-so-logical but oh-so-wonderful next step—massive montages. He creates strips of multiple rolls, say 24 frames across by 30 or more rolls in the vertical dimension. It’s a great effect. Beautiful work, and definitely worth a look for appreciation as well as inspiration. 


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