27 Reasons To Take Your Camera Out When It Snows

It can be really difficult to take your camera out when it’s cold and snowy. Lenses can fog, fingers can freeze, even walking a few blocks can become a life-altering challenge. The benefits, of course, involve the opportunity to make great photos in a world blanketed by seamless, beautiful white snow. Lightstalking not long ago listed 27 great reasons to bring your camera out in the snow. Really, though, it was a collection of 27 great snow images; the reasons were simply implied. So I decided to think about a few actual reasons, and here are the ten I came up with.

1. Everything looks unique when blanketed with snow, and that’s inherently interesting.
2. The aforementioned blanket of white is also really, really beautiful.
3. Shooting high key, where you shift everything toward overexposed, is much easier. 
4. You get great fill from snow, making contrast easier to control.
5. Shooting after dusk is easier, because it’s so much brighter.
6. It’s quieter, which can actually make it very pleasurable to photograph in snow.
7. Silhouettes can be simpler because of the bright white background.
8. Graphic simplicity can be much easier in the snow.
9. Simple things look cuter—pets, people, homes—when surrounded by snow.
10. You can have hot chocolate when you get back, and you’ll enjoy it much more than if you just had the hot chocolate without going out in the snow and taking great pictures.

Be sure to check out the great gallery of snowy images that inspired my list at lightstalking.com.


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