101 Photo Industry Folks To Follow On Twitter

Do you tweet? I may be a twit, but I’m not a particularly great Twitter user. So I’m not surprised that I’m nowhere near this list—especially given that when I do tweet it’s often snapshots I’m repurposing from Instagram. This is a list of the 101 photo industry professionals you should be following on Twitter, courtesy of Feature Shoot. There are some great ones on here, including A Photo Editor’s Rob Haggert and photography curator Elizabeth Avedon. You’re sure to find plenty to like in this group, but I do think there are a couple of other good folks who aren’t on this list. The editors of Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo for instance: Chris Robinson and Wes Pitts, who can be followed at @OPRobinson and @DigitalPhotoWes, respectively. And sure, if you don’t mind waiting several days or weeks between brilliant missives (which are, frankly, not all that often purely brilliant), follow me at @Sawalich.


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