Egret Silhouette

A great egret perches on a dead cypress tree at sunset. Finalist, Photographer’s Forum magazine’s “Best of Photography 2012,” July, 2012 (also published in the book of the same name, Dec. 2012.) 1st Place, The Photographic Angle’s “Serenity” contest, Apr. 16, 2012. 1st Place (photography,) Art for Madisonville’s Members Exhibit, Feb. 25, 2012. 1st Place (photography,) Slidell Art League’s wildlife show, Jan. 13, 2012. “Daily Nature Photo,” The Nature Conservancy’s website, Nov. 19, 2011. Featured on the “Nature’s Best Photography” magazine facebook page, Oct. 2011. “This strong, graphic image powerfully conveys feelings of calm and serenity. The branches fill the frame with complementary curves. The sun is flooding the image with soothing, sensual light, progressively warming the whole image. The bird’s stance and position generates stillness, a sense of watchful waiting. The location is not easy identified but its design and style draws on Chinese art influenced by Taoism. Careful control of the exposure and the avoidance of lens flare have made the sun’s immediacy felt.” ~Adrian Stone, judge of The Photographic Angle competition

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