Mpls, 1985 Or 2011?

Attempted once again to evoke film through post-processing in Lightroom. Cropped to 1:1 (also just because I like that ratio), cooled the WB (it was pretty yellow before), added clarity for more definite edges through the misty/hazy atmosphere of the night, split toned in yellow and blue, and finally added slight vignetting and grain. It’s pretty hard to mess up a shot of Minneapolis, so I thank it for being a forgiving subject! On the more specific subjects of the shot, there’s just no way to avoid the large transmission lines running along the river. There’s also no way to avoid the Carlyle mega bucks condo, but here I think both make interesting (/obtrusive) subjects, especially due to the reflections and the leading lines of the bridge and its reflections. Would it be nice to have a clear vantage of the “proper” Minneapolis skyline? Well yeah, but you might have to go back a few decades to get it!

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