Vermont Star Trails

Night photography has always been an interest of mine and photographing star trails is an exciting challenge. I found an excellent location at the Hill Farm Inn in Arlington, VT, where the silo, barn and Mount Equinox provided a visually pleasing backdrop for a star trail image. In order to photograph the circular star trails seen here, I located the Big Dipper and followed its outer edge to find Polaris or the North Star. When positioned suitably within the frame, the Big Dipper and other stars in the sky will appear to rotate around Polaris and create circles in the image. To capture this image I used a Nikon D90 with an 18-200mm lens, a tripod and set the exposure to bulb at F4.5 and ISO 100. I took a two minute test shot to ensure proper focus and correct composition of the landscape and stars. This image is a combination of four exposures taken over an hour and a half time and combined using Photoshop. Photographing star trails is a perfect opportunity to experience the peacefulness of the night sky and to enjoy the incredible beauty of the stars. You might even see a shooting star or two. I did!

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