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Add A Fill Light At The Camera

The on-axis fill light adds more than shadow detail. It also increases nuance and production value in portraits of all kinds.
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Anatomy Of A Photo: Changing Landscapes

Returning to the same photography spots yield changes in shapes and patterns over time

Advanced Flicker In Video Education

You’ve seen flicker from overhead lights when shooting video before… but do you know the science behind why it happens, and the math on how to avoid it?

Use Natural Angles

Once you capture your "Gimme Shot," begin hunting for different ways to frame up your subject

The AIPAD Photography Show: Photography Legends Jay Maisel And Stephen Wilkes

Fine-art photography shows aren’t just venues to see great photographs, but often you’ll also find the artists who create them

Anatomy Of A Photo: Shooting The Aurora Borealis

How to make the most out of photographing this celestial event

Fine-Art Photography Friday: The AIPAD Photography Show In New York City

Gallery owners, curators, book dealers and publishers show rising stars in the fine-art photography world next to photo veterans and old masters

Geotagging With Your Phone

Remember exactly where you took a photo with your smartphone by applying geographic coordinates

Favorite Tricks Of Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile

Some of Lightroom’s most powerful, and hidden, tools available on the desktop are also available on iOS

Gear Spotlight

Lensbaby’s Deliberate Distortion

Lensbaby’s Deliberate Distortion

I’ve experimented with Lensbaby lenses for years, since they paradoxically let me focus on blur in a very unique and compelling way

More Gear

Pro Insights For Studio Lighting

Two professional studio photographers share their go-to gear and setups to help you choose the best lights for your projects

Essential Photo Accessories

For the best photo experience and enhanced creative options, consider these must-have accessories

Your Best Shot

Photo of the Day by Christopher Tamas Kovacs

Photo Of The Day By Christopher Tamas Kovacs

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Featured How To

4 Tips For Portraits On The Run

How to create simple, effective travel portraits

Guide To Focus Stacking

Use this technique to gain better control of your photograph’s focus

Classic Portrait Light

Transform your portraits by learning these four lighting patterns.

Capturing Meaningful Macro Compositions

Whether shooting outdoors or indoors, macro photography is a powerful tool to help you create exceptionally expressive images of a world we don’t generally explore