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LUMIX S1R Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Details And Sample Movie!

I got my hands on a LUMIX S1R pre-production camera for a limited time, but long enough to show you every button and menu option — and shoot a very short film with it

Anatomy Of A Photo: Minimalist Compositions

I often find myself gravitating towards such minimalist compositions when looking for balance

Look For All The Angles

Always look for all the angles as you define your composition

Three Reasons To Use Adobe Photoshop Instead Of Lightroom

If you feel like you've reached a plateau when editing your photos with Lightroom, it may be time to switch to Photoshop

Shooting With A Computational Shutter, The Spectre App

The makers of Halide release an iPhone app for long exposures generated by AI

Anatomy Of A Photo: Infrared

The next time you plan on upgrading your camera, consider keeping your older one and converting it to infrared

Nikon Brings Two New Coolpix Superzoom Cameras To The U.S.

Both new point-and-shoots include long optical-zoom lenses, robust images stabilization and are wireless.

Why You Should Consider A Photo Critique

One of the most helpful and impactful investments I’ve ever made to help myself grow as a photographer was to have my portfolio critiqued professionally

Gear Spotlight

Lensbaby’s Deliberate Distortion

Lensbaby’s Deliberate Distortion

I’ve experimented with Lensbaby lenses for years, since they paradoxically let me focus on blur in a very unique and compelling way

More Gear

Pro Insights For Studio Lighting

Two professional studio photographers share their go-to gear and setups to help you choose the best lights for your projects

Essential Photo Accessories

For the best photo experience and enhanced creative options, consider these must-have accessories

Your Best Shot

Photo of the Day by Christopher Tamas Kovacs

Photo Of The Day By Christopher Tamas Kovacs

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Featured How To

Classic Portrait Light

Transform your portraits by learning these four lighting patterns.

Capturing Meaningful Macro Compositions

Whether shooting outdoors or indoors, macro photography is a powerful tool to help you create exceptionally expressive images of a world we don’t generally explore

Ten Essential Tips For Shooting Sports Photos

Learn how to take your sports photography to the next level

Road Trip!

Head out on the highway for your next photo adventure