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The Basics Of Baseball Photography

How to successfully photograph the fast action of a baseball game
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Big Light, Little Pockets: PhotoJoseph’s New Favorite LED Light

The Aputure AL-M9 is a powerful, tiny, rechargeable LED light that fits in your pocket, lasts for hours and puts out an impressive amount of light

Sony’s Success Is Driven By Community

The Collective is a group of immensely talented photographers playing the Instagram game just like us older players did with blogging

Registration For This Year’s Adobe MAX Is Now Open

Adobe's yearly gathering for creatives is set for October 15 - 17 in Los Angeles

Panasonic Introduces LUMIX TS7 Geared For The Outdoors

Panasonic's latest rugged compact camera comes with LVF, Wi-Fi® and 4K Video and 4K Photo

Can You Mix Long Exposures And High-Resolution Mode On The LUMIX G9?

Can long exposure blurred motion photography be combined with high-resolution mode (aka Pixel Shifting Resolution System or Pixel Shift Multi Shooting Mode) on the LUMIX G9? PhotoJoseph answers that question!

Exploring Creativity At Sony Kando

Several years ago, Sony began to talk about “kando,” a phrase borrowed from Japanese that’s difficult to define but refers to the feeling of connection and creativity that comes when fully engaged in your art, the moment when the tools and the processes come together and the result is a magnification of expression. Sony’s annual Read more…

Shooting With Leica, And Photography Destinations

Become a better photographer by shooting with a rangefinder

Gear Spotlight

Nikon NIKKOR 28mm f/1.4E ED Hands-On Review

An update to a popular wide-angle prime lens results in an instant classic

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Sony a7 III Hands-On Review

Sony's Basic Model is anything but

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II: Making A Connection

Whether you photograph weddings or newborns, you need a camera system that can capture all the detail without missing a moment

Your Best Shot

Photo of the Day by Christopher Tamas Kovacs

Photo Of The Day By Christopher Tamas Kovacs

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Submit your best photos showcasing the light, composition, and form of black-and-white photography for a chance to win a new Tamron lens—plus a cash prize and an exclusive VIP membership!

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Sports Photography

Hit a home run on your next sports shoot when you shoot with passion—and with these tips

Creating Unique Portraits

These unusual portrait-taking techniques will help you unlock your creative potential and capture images in a new light

Landscape Photography

With these techniques and gear, you’ll be able to capture anything, from a local park to a majestic mountain range, just like the pros

It’s The Little Things That Matter Most

Macro photography can open up a whole world that’s hiding right in front of you