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Article: Camera Supports

For tack-sharp images, using the right camera support is the ultimate answer.

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Article: Camera Supports

Using the right support system can make all the difference between a blurry and a sharp photo or shaky and smooth video clips.

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Article: Tripods & Supports

A tripod is the most dependable way to gain absolute sharpness in any situation and at any shutter speed

Article: Tripods & Supports

You probably know that tripods can make a huge difference in getting sharper pictures, but buying a tripod definitely isn’t as exciting as buying a new camera or lens.

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Article: Use Your Head

Maybe the most important part of your tripod is the head. That’s why many tripod makers give you options, and most tripod designs have removable heads so you can switch them out or upgrade.

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Article: Tripods & Supports

Capturing sharp photos requires sturdy legs. Yes, that means adding more to your load, but few accessories are as essential as a tripod. Lenses and cameras with image stabilization definitely help, but nothing ensures sharpness like a tripod.

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Article: Support Your Gear

Even if you have very steady hands and a stabilized lens or camera, for the sharpest images possible, using a tripod or other camera support is the only surefire solution.

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Article: Supporting Video

The beauty of HD video is that it’s incredibly crisp and detailed—and that’s also its difficulty. Even a small amount of camera shake can be hard to watch for very long. If you’re getting into video with one of the latest HD camcorders or an SLR that...

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Article: Buyer's Guide 2009: Must-Have Accessories

Camera bags are especially important as they perform two vital functions, protecting your gear from damage and keeping it all organized. Available in a range of sizes, shapes and styles, there's no perfect bag for everyone, but there's a perfect bag...

Article: Toolbox: Tripods

Many photographers think a tripod is a tripod, a necessary evil if you want to get sharp pictures when using long lenses or long exposure times. But a tripod is more than a camera-steadier, and tripods vary greatly in design, features and...

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Article: Buyer's Guide 2008: Digital Camera Accessories

Choosing the right accessories is as important as selecting a camera and lenses. There are so many creative possibilities of which you simply can't take advantage without certain pieces of gear—filters, tripods and unique extras like underwater...

Article: 10 Accessories To Choose And Use

The moment you're running out of room on your memory card in the middle of the Sequoia National Forest isn't the time to start thinking about getting a portable hard drive—especially when the light and the weather is perfect and you're missing some...

Article: Cool Gear: Novoflex Photo Survival Kit

No one, and I mean no one, likes to carry a tripod, but at the same time, there's no single tool that can improve your images as much as using a tripod regularly. No matter how fast a shutter speed you use, your pictures will be sharper, crisper...

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Article: Toolbox: Camera Supports

Photographers are always concerned with sharpness. They'll often search for reviews and lens comparisons to make sure that their optics produce the sharpest image possible. Yet even the best-engineered lens in the world will deliver soft...

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