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Article: Your Studio Online

For photographers who want to earn money with their craft, a presence on the web isn't really optional anymore.

Article: Be More Social

Social media has provided a tool to bring everyone together for sharing, commenting, and sending photo and video content instantly

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Article: Photos For Profit

You've made a ton of great photos. Why not turn your passion into profit?

Article: Make A Holiday Photo Gift

For photographers, the holidays present the perfect time for putting your work to good use by creating personalized gifts with your images as the focal point. \

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Article: Self-Publish!

Whether for travel, special occasions or everyday moments, books are an ideal way to make more of an impact with your photos.

Article: The Ultimate Vacation Book

Proving that the best camera is the one you have with you, an iPhone 4 was all Joshua Brown needed to make his book, Italy, a remarkably beautiful portfolio of images from a trip he took earlier this year.

Article: Tumble Your Photos

Blogging is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to share images, and Tumblr is one of the simplest platforms out there. ...

Article: Friends, Fans and Followers

The Internet is an invaluable tool for sharing your images, with countless ways to engage your fan base, drum up client interest and get instant feedback on new photos or commentary on works in progress.

Article: Fast Photo Galleries

Creating a good image gallery doesn’t require any special expertise. The process has become as simple as only a few clicks with premade, professional-looking web gallery templates and optimized web formatting.

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Article: You Are Here

Martin Schall isn’t a professional photographer. You probably can’t learn from him how to photograph architecture, or how to take better travel photos, or even how to get published. Yet he does all these things amazingly well. The main thing you can...

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Article: Buyer's Guide 2009: Online Sharing & Services

What's the best way to share, print and store your digital images? For millions of photographers—from casual shooters to pros—the answer can be summed up in one word: online. Over the past 10 years, web-based photo services have honed their skills and...

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Article: Create A Web Gallery

It's pretty much expected these days that if you're a photographer, you'll have some kind of web gallery. The good news is that you don't have to know very much about how the web works to create a home on the web for your photos.

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Article: Buyer's Guide 2008: Web Services

One of the most exciting advantages of digital photography is the ability to transmit images electronically without any degradation of picture quality. This feature spawned new business opportunities and shook up the long-established operating...

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Article: Creative Photo Sharing

E-mail is ideal for quick notes, but it's not a great way to share photos. There are better options. Software and Web-based services make it easy to create multimedia slideshows and professionally printed books, cards and photo gifts. You can even...

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Article: Trade Tricks: Be Kind And Resize

It has happened to all of us. You click on an e-mail to open it and the waiting begins. The little spinning e-mail icon goes around and around. Your patience is running thin. Well, Uncle Pete didn't really mean to e-mail you a 10-megabyte file; he...

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Article: Photo-Friendly Gifts

The holidays offer us the opportunity to spend time with the people who mean the most to us. But if you're anything like me, the idea of braving the local malls doesn't fill you with anything remotely resembling yuletide cheer.

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Article: Trade Tricks: Family Snapshot

Unpacking some old boxes in storage, I stumbled on a relic from my childhood: a book by Dr. Seuss entitled My Book About Me. It's intended for young children and attempts to capture all of the little details of the child's daily life. The...

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Article: Trade Tricks: A Personal Photo Book

Now that archival-quality, large-format prints cost only a few dollars and can be produced quickly, I find myself creating many more prints than I'm able to frame and display. The cost of framing prints hasn't declined, nor do I have much wall...

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Article: Digital Slideshows Made Easy: Emailing Slideshows

Has one of your friends or relatives ever e-mailed you a whole collection of their pictures? Wasn't it annoying to have to download all those attachments and open each one separately? We're probably all guilty of bombarding the people in our lives...

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Article: Digital Slideshows Made Easy: Prime-Time Slideshows

One of the most convenient ways to present a slideshow is on your television. Invite friends, gather the family around, grab some popcorn and you're ready to wow them with your best shots. There are several ways to put your slideshow on television,...

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Article: Digital Slideshows Made Easy: Projecting Slideshows

The slideshow in a darkened room is a long tradition with photographers. Of course, slideshows range from the interminable travel shows from untalented relatives to spectacular programs using two projectors showing images that dissolve from one to...

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Article: Digital Slideshows Made Easy: Computer Slideshows

For me, one of the greatest joys of photography is sharing my work with others, and a favorite way of doing this has long been through multimedia slideshows. For years, I've used multiple projectors and a dissolve unit to set my slideshows to...

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