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Article: Cool Gear: What's New In Projectors?

Round out your high-tech home studio by showing images on the big screen with the latest generation of digital projectors. Smaller, sleeker and more versatile, the newest projectors deliver top-quality images without breaking the bank.

Article: Cool Gear: Mitsubishi PK20 Pocket Projector

What fits in the palm of your hand, fills a 60-inch diagonal screen with a digital image at SVGA resolution and weighs in at just about one pound? The very cool Mitsubishi PK20 Pocket Projector. It's a DLP projector that uses eight LEDs to work its...

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Article: Trade Tricks: Life With A Digital Projector

The old slideshow was a venerable tradition at my house while I was growing up, and I suspect it was part of many PCPhoto readers' youth as well. While the slide projector is rapidly disappearing, taking its place is the digital projector,...

Also labeled: Gear, Digital Darkroom

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