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Article: Top Black & White Software

Unlike analog film photography, in the digital era, photographers generally shoot in color and then convert their images to black-and-white using digital software.

Article: HDR Efex Pro 2

Nik Software's HDR Efex Pro 2 is one of the top applications for creating high-dynamic-range images, and the new version upgrades the original in many ways.

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Article: Top 10 iPhone Apps

And one tool that really helps me be a better photographer is my iPhone. As a photographer, I want every advantage I can get to...

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Article: 5 Essential Photo Enhancements

No matter what you're shooting or how you're shooting it, there are a few areas in which almost every image can be improved.

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Article: Photoshop Lightroom 4

Photoshop CS is the undisputed leader in digital imaging, but for many photographers, it contains a lot of tools that are rarely used, if at all.

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Article: From Color To Black&White

Black-and-white photography is easier than ever. Rather than relying on specialized film, papers and chemistry, photographers are now free to take pictures and then decide to make them black-and-white.

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Article: Toolbox: HDR Magic

One of the wonders of digital photography is that there’s always something new to experiment with.

Article: Content-Aware Fill

We’ve all taken images that are perfect except for some unwanted element in the frame.

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Article: onOne Software PhotoTools 2.5

The best thing about Photoshop is that the creative possibilities are practically endless; that’s also the worst thing about Photoshop.

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Article: Apple Aperture 3

It was two years, almost to the day, from the announcement of Aperture 2 to the recent release of Aperture 3.

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Article: Nik Viveza 2

Nik Software’s Viveza is one of our favorite Photoshop plug-ins (it’s also compatible with Photoshop Elements, Lightroom and Apple Aperture).

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Article: Portrait Professional Studio 9

Nobody’s perfect. Hollywood makeup artists earn their livings on this fact—but most of us don’t have a stylist with us every time we shoot a portrait.

Article: Trade Tricks: In The Dark

Digital noise is perhaps the Achilles heel of digital photography, but it doesn't have to be. Noise happens when not enough light reaches the image sensor. The less light that falls on the sensor, the more noise will be found in your photos; higher...

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Article: First Look: Aperture 2

If you're a Mac user, there's a lot to like about Aperture, and its version 2 includes new features that greatly improve the efficiency and capabilities of this powerful imaging application—all at a new, lower price of $199. There are more than 100...

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Article: Short Report: ACDSee Pro 2

ACDSee Pro 2 is the latest upgrade to ACD Systems' popular workflow-management software. Besides making it easy to download, organize, archive and locate images, ACDSee Pro 2 provides powerful editing and RAW-processing capabilities. One-click...

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Article: Short Report: The Perfect Cut

The technique of masking usually involves neck-straining precision and a tedious amount of time refining your edges to get the perfect outline. This requires a variety of brushes or selection tools and loads of time to get right. That's where...

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Article: Tame The Contrast Monster

Although digital camera sensor technology has made big strides in recent years, there still are limits to the range of tones sensors can capture. So we often end up with highlights that are too bright or dark, muddy shadows.

Article: Fast Efex

The trouble with creativity in Photoshop—going beyond the basics to more imaginative, artistic changes—is knowing where to start. The possibilities are almost endless and therein lies the rub. That's where Photoshop plug-ins like Nik Color Efex Pro 3...

Article: Photoshop Faster

I think most photographers have a somewhat love-hate relationship with Photoshop. It's a great program, to be sure, and it offers the most comprehensive and expandable set of tools for photographers. But on the other hand, it takes time to learn...

Article: Seven Steps For A Better Image

Constructed in a remote area of Peru in the 15th century, the lost city of Machu Picchu, the grandest of all Inca sites, is truly one of the photographic wonders of the world. Adobe Photoshop and its little sister, Adobe Photoshop Elements, can be...

Article: Photo Finish

Fine-art effects can add a lot of visual excitement to your photography, but mastering the illustration tools to achieve those effects can take a lot of time and practice. That's where creative software filters and effects can be a terrific...

Article: Letting Your Image Take Off

The opening image for this column was inspired by something that I try to do all the time in real life, with my photography and in the digital darkroom: have fun! The image looks as though my son and I are soaring at top speed high above beautiful...

Article: Hot Ice And Snow

This column is about how to use the digital darkroom to transform a straight-out-of-the-camera shot into the image you envisioned when you pressed the shutter-release button. First, I'll share some techniques for working in a high-contrast...

Article: New Breed Photo Software

Apple and Adobe have developed new approaches to image processing that strip away deep menus and focus on the typical digital workflow, from importing to output, and placing the tools needed for common digital darkroom work in easy reach.

Article: Double-Process RAW

One of the big challenges of photography has always been how to best capture the tonalities and brightness of the real world. Every film, every sensor (and its processor) will interpret it slightly differently.

Article: Photoshop CS3

That's right, Photoshop fans—and Elements users who are considering moving up to Photoshop—the latest version of the world's most powerful image-editing program has just gotten better, big time! Read on, and you'll see why it's indeed faster (great...

Article: Using Photoshop Adjustment Layers

Of all the tips and techniques that I cover when presenting or teaching, I'm most adamant about the value of Adjustment Layers. Next to the invention of the layer itself, Adjustment Layers arguably represent Photoshop's best feature for...

Article: Perfect Combination

Adobe Photoshop CS3 offers many new features, including those found in the new Adobe Camera Raw, that help us enhance and save (to a point) our exposures. From an exposure standpoint, two of the most amazing features in the latest version of...

Article: The Details

One of the differences between a good photograph and a great one is how we handle the details. Check out this image of a beautiful Kuna woman who I photographed at the San Blas Hotel in the San Blas Islands, an archipelago of 365 islands that lies...

Article: 10 Top Imaging Applications

The last year has been a big one for photo software, with several of the top applications getting significant updates and the introduction of new software alternatives for photographers. The big news most recently is the latest update to Photoshop,...


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