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Article: Basic Tech: Photo Security

Every photographer should take backups seriously. Unlike a crashed hard drive, photos aren’t replaceable.

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Article: Manage Your Photo Library

Make image management the first step in your workflow, and you’ll free yourself to spend more time doing the more interesting digital darkroom tasks.

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Article: Image Browsers

Aimed at keeping the work flow for photographers fast and fun, image browsers are designed to offer organization functionality at affordable prices. Most browsers are centered around simple interfaces to help you sort through images quickly, make the...

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Article: Buyer's Guide 2009: Storage

Every photographer needs a backup strategy. Trust us when we tell you that hard drives fail, and when they do, you'll be really glad you had copies of your photos and other irreplaceable files on multiple drives. External storage solutions like those...

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Article: Toolbox: Big Storage

With enough capacity on an external hard drive, you can store an entire library of photos in a space the size of a hardbound book. Externals offer fast plug-in and quick removal, too, for convenient transport of pictures, music, files or whatever...

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Article: Get It Together

We've come a long way from sharing photos with a slide projector over muffled yawns. Our digital photos can move from camera to computer to phone to iPod and be shared instantly with practically anyone, anywhere. With all of the options for sharing...

Article: August 27, 2007 HelpLine

Q) You mention the importance of backing up files frequently.  I'd like to share my solution to this "problem." The cost of external drives has been going down as the size of...

Article: Buyer's Guide 2007: External Storage And Backup

Recent advancements in storage technology make it easier than ever for photographers to back up and preserve precious image files. The most reliable systems are automated and leave little to chance, but good work habits also play an important role....


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