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Article: High-Power Monolights

When it comes time to invest in in serious strobe lighting, many photographers opt for the versatility of monolights.

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Article: Off-Camera Lighting

Monolights and strobes are lighting systems that are portable enough for field work and bright enough for work in the studio.

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Article: On-Camera Lighting

Camera flashes are highly directional light sources.

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Article: Monolights & Strobes

Monolights, flashes and strobes are lighting systems capable of timed bursts of light in a rapid sequence. Monolights, flashes...

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Article: Benefits Of Continuous Lighting

With continuous lighting, what you see is what you get, and that makes it simple to adjust light positions and output as needed.

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Article: Flash Modifiers

Whether artificial or natural, light that comes from a single source is directional and harsh, which results in images that have a lot of contrast and heavy shadows. ...

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Article: Toolbox: LED Continuous Lights

From small camera-mountable units to larger studio setups, LED (light-emitting diodes) lights are "cool" in more ways than one.

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Article: Toolbox: Outfit Your Flash

Learning how to control your light is the first step toward producing professional-looking images. This used to involve a complicated studio setup with strobes, power supplies and plenty of gear to shape your look

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Article: Step Into Studio Lighting

If you're ready to step up from handheld flashes to more powerful and accessory-ready, studio-style strobes, consider monolights.

Article: Toolbox: Lighting Is The Difference

Try the creative use of lighting for a variety of in-camera effects, and also for achieving total control over a scene for perfect exposures every time.

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