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Sure to be a popular lens with its wide-perspective zoom.

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Article: Toolbox: Fast Wide Zooms

Wide-angle zoom lenses are often far more practical as a purchase for photographers than a telephoto or even a standard do-it-all zoom.

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Article: Lenses

Lensmakers are busier than ever, delivering unparalleled image quality in increasingly compact and feature-rich packages.

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Article: Super Zooms

All-in-one zooms—those that go from wide-angle to medium telephoto—are quite versatile.

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Article: Toolbox: Big Zoom Compacts

While interchangeable-lens cameras offer superior versatility and image quality, there's a lot to be said in praise of fixed-lens, compact cameras, particularly those with extreme zoom capabilities.

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Article: Toolbox: Optical Filters for Black & White

The limited palette of black-and-white photography distills the world around us to rich hues and subtle silver tones

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Article: Using A Teleconverter

Supertelephoto lenses are really expensive, but worth it for those who can afford the cost, due to their superb optics and AF performance, and fast maximum apertures.

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Article: Intro To Macro

Macro photography is a passport to a world of details and new perspectives.

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Article: All About Lens Adapters

If you use an interchangeable-lens camera, a simple accessory can broaden your creative possibilities. If you use an...

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Article: Lenses

Although it may be more fun to shop for a new camera, a new lens probably will do more to spark creativity and open new possibilities.

Article: Toolbox: Wide-Angle Zooms

Whether taking professional candids at events or family snapshots at parties, the winter season means an abundance of holiday festivities, and that also means more photos taken indoors.

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Article: Lenses

Some photographers still ask if they can use old 35mm-film lenses on new DSLRs. SOME PHOTOGRAPHERS still ask if they can use old...

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Article: It’s The Lens, Baby!

Selective focus is a hot trend in photography. The soft, dreamy look is ideal for portraits, close-ups and scenics, directing attention by blurring your subject’s surroundings.

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Article: Toolbox: Ultimate Travel Lenses

Now more than ever, traveling light is a pleasure.

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Article: Go Ultra Wide!

Ultrawide lenses are usually defined as lenses 20mm or shorter in full-frame 35mm-film-equivalent terms.

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Article: Basic Tech: HD Video And Autofocus

If, the first time you picked up an HD video-enabled DSLR, you blasted full-speed ahead into figuring out how to shoot video without reading the owner’s manual (as I did), you were undoubtedly surprised to discover how poorly your camera focused (as I...

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Article: Lenses

Ask most pros which they’d rather have: an entry-level camera with a top-of-the-line lens or a rudimentary lens on a top-of-the-line camera.

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Article: Beyond The Kit Lens

Buying a digital SLR as part of a kit that includes a lens is a popular option, especially for those moving up from a compact camera or switching brands.

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Article: A Traveler’s Lens

To outfit my first SLR, purchased in what seems like a hundred years ago, I acquired a 28mm and an 80-200mm zoom. Now, decades later, my basic travel kit still relies on two camera bodies and this simple lens combination; only today, the wide choice is...

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Article: Designed For Digital Lenses

From fixed-focal-length prime lenses to wide-angle to telephoto zooms, modern lenses use a complex combination of high-end glass, unique materials and chemical cocktails capable of producing optics with incredible power. Digital optical design has...

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Article: Tele-Zooms

A tele-zoom is the convenient solution for getting close to the action, even when you need to remain at a distance. For portrait, sports and wildlife photography, these zooms give you the compositional flexibility you need to frame your subjects...

Article: Buyer's Guide 2009: Lenses

Cameras get all the attention. When a new camera is expected from one of the big players, the rumor mill starts up and bloggers frantically conjecture at what new features and technologies it might have.

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Article: Tamron Announces the AF18-270MM Di II VC Ultra High Power Zoom Lens

July 30, 2008, Saitama City, Japan - Tamron Co., Ltd., under the leadership of Mr. Morio Ono, President, has announced the development of a unique ultra high power zoom lens-the Tamron AF18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC LD Aspherical (IF) MACRO (Model...

Article: The Need For Speed

My guess is that most of you won't be in a situation where you'll be photographing a subject speeding toward or past you at 220 mph, but that's exactly the challenge for Barry Zeek, who specializes in capturing lightning-fast motor-sports action. You...

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Article: Toolbox: Wide Zooms

Wide-angle lenses display their merits in many different situations and are highly desirable for any photographer. Specially designed optics make them perfect for capturing large expanses in landscape photography or big groups of people confined to...

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Article: Lenses: Designed For Digital

Far from simple marketing hype, the term "designed for digital" encompasses the entirety of lens technologies unique to the demands of image sensors and their various sizes. Unlike film, image sensors have a shiny, flat surface. That surface is...

Article: Buyer's Guide 2008: Lenses

Pop quiz, hotshot: Would you rather have a) an awesome camera and an okay lens, or b) an okay camera and an awesome lens? The correct answer is b—no doubt about it.

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Article: Go Wide!

The everyday workhorse lenses with which most photos are taken don't receive the publicity showered on the more extreme optics. That's likely because extremes are always more exciting than the norm. We continue that trend here and introduce you to...

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Article: July 16, 2007 HelpLine

Q) My new lens came with a weird-looking lens shade. When do I use it? I'm told I should use it to avoid flair with the sun. Is that the only time?

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Article: Buyer's Guide 2007: Lens Strategy

To get the most out of your D-SLR system, you'll want to choose a variety of lenses that offer the focal lengths, speed and features that match well with your favorite subjects. The key to selecting the right lenses is in understanding their...


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