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Article: Photo-Friendly Gifts

The holidays offer us the opportunity to spend time with the people who mean the most to us. But if you're anything like me, the idea of braving the local malls doesn't fill you with anything remotely resembling yuletide cheer.

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Article: How To Process A RAW File

RAW files are gaining interest among all photographers for good reason. In part, they hold a mystique as the "pro's format," which isn't completely true, as many pros also shoot JPEG. RAW files are notable for their processing potential to help you...

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Article: Trade Tricks: Street Life

One of my own favorite photographs happened by chance. My wife and I were leaving a movie theater, exiting into a street that had been nearly empty only a few hours before. Now, there were several thousands cheering and dancing around in...

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Article: Fill Your Frame With Story

Having started my career assisting two professional photojournalists, I quickly realized that powerful images could be created by using a wide-angle lens. Photojournalists love using this type of lens because of its ability to capture a subject...

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Article: October 2005 HelpLine

Diagnosing Computer Problems     * Software Problems Are Hard     * Card Readers     * JPEG Revisited   Diagnosing Computer Problems

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Article: Match-Making

I was thrilled when I bought my first inkjet printer and couldn't wait to make my first color print. After spending about half an hour perfecting the portrait photograph in Photoshop, I sent the image to the printer and was immediately disappointed....

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Article: A Classic Method Goes Digital

Classic—the personification of black-and-white images. Weaving that classic look of black-and-white printing into the digital realm is easier than ever today. Software has a range of effects that enables greater control over your images in a way t...

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Article: The Better Print

Getting a good print today has become the norm with the latest digital cameras and printers. While you still may have some challenges, printer manufacturers, in particular, have worked hard to give users the ability to create outstanding prints....

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Article: Layers 101

Imagine software that allows you to substantially adjust part of your photo, yet also lets you go back to that adjustment when you change your mind. Imagine what it would be like to be able to make changes to your image that were never permanent so...

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Article: Digital Workflow In 20 Easy Steps

When I think about my days in the darkroom, I realized I achieved consistently good results when I methodically followed specific steps. With traditional printing, even a small variation in time, temperature or chemistry could make a significant...

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Article: Trade Tricks: Hot, Cool And Continuous

Stop wondering. While strobes throw out a short burst of light, continuous lights provide a constant output that allows you to see where your light is going. You don't have to constantly check your image via LCD screen or computer monitor to make sure...

Article: September 2005 HelpLine

Better Panoramas     * Panorama Problems     * Family Photo Issues     * What's A Body To Do?     * Batteries Revolting   Better...

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Article: Trade Tricks: Replacing Backgrounds

Do you have a portrait of a subject who looks lovely, but is ruined by a busy and unappealing background? Consider performing some simple tricks in the computer to help it out. Replacing the background can introduce a new feel or mood and save a...

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Article: Back To School

So you want to learn more about photography or perhaps hone the skills you've already acquired. This is great news! It demonstrates your passion for the craft and a yearning for knowledge and creativity. With a variety of photography workshop...

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Article: Jumpstart Photoshop

If asked to list the most intimidating parts of digital photography, a large number of photographers would include Adobe Photoshop. Without question, it's the premiere image-processing software on the market, but its high price matches its learning...

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Article: July/August 2005 HelpLine

JPEG Reloaded     * Saved By JPEG     * Timing Of File Saving     * It's All In The Name   JPEG Reloaded     * Saved By JPEG...

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Article: Trade Tricks: Family Snapshot

Unpacking some old boxes in storage, I stumbled on a relic from my childhood: a book by Dr. Seuss entitled My Book About Me. It's intended for young children and attempts to capture all of the little details of the child's daily life. The...

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Article: Better Travel Photos Made Easy

Before most of us have visited a particular location, whether exotic, foreign or domestic, usually we've seen it first in photographs. The images themselves sometimes inspired us to go, and in many cases, they gave us ideas about what to see and...

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Article: June 2005 HelpLine

Viewfinder And Glasses     * Eyepoint Revealed     * Digital Projection Format     * Memory Card Considerations   Viewfinder And Glasses

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Article: May 2005 HelpLine

Airport Security And Digital Files     * Card Safety     * Why Not JPEG For Everything?     * Will My Pixels Be Alive In 2525?     * Increasing File Sizes

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Article: March/April 2005 HelpLine

Memory Cards Vs. Film     * When Digital Film Isn't Film     * Caught In The RAW     * Making It On Television     * ƒ-Stop Exposé Memory Cards Vs....

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Article: Choosing A Camera For...

We may share a passion for photography, but we don't all shoot the same subjects or like to work in the same way. Camera manufacturers understand this, and as most digital cameras now have ample resolution for excellent output, manufacturers are...

Article: Trade Tricks: Layer Masks

While they're not particularly intuitive and may discourage photographers who could benefit from using them, Layer Masks are an essential tool when working in an image-processing program. As you'll see, they're worth the effort required to learn...

Also labeled: Image Processing How To

Article: January/February 2005 HelpLine

Image Organizing     * Bringing Order To Your Images     * Red-Eye Myth     * Choose The Right Disc     * CF Card Differences     * Resolving Resolution   ...

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Article: December 2004 HelpLine

Cold Weather And Digital Cameras     * Winter Wondering     * Changing Backgrounds     * Cropping Problems?     * Resampling For Size Cold Weather And Digital...

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Article: Trade Tricks: A Personal Photo Book

Now that archival-quality, large-format prints cost only a few dollars and can be produced quickly, I find myself creating many more prints than I'm able to frame and display. The cost of framing prints hasn't declined, nor do I have much wall...

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Article: November 2004 HelpLine

Digital Terms     * A Quick Guide To Some Common Terms       Associated With Gear That You Might Buy Digital Terms     * A Quick Guide To...

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Article: October 2004 HelpLine

White-Balance Settings     * Understanding White Balance Can Help       You Better Deal With Color In Your Photos White-Balance Settings    ...

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Article: The Critical Adjustment: Levels & Black

Despite the special features of today's digital cameras, many photographers have found the results from camera to print disappointing. Certainly, it's essential to calibrate your monitor and run tests with your printer, but that's not enough if the...

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Article: Seeing In Black & White

Black-and-white images always have held a special place in photography. Although color photographs comprise the majority of the images that are created and printed, a monochromatic print produces a much different reaction than does a color version...

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