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Article: April 16, 2007 HelpLine

Q) I'm starting to pay more attention to white balance in my photography. I've read some of what you and others in PCPhoto have said about not forgetting white balance when...

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Article: April 9, 2007 HelpLine

Need More Space Q) I'm running out of room on my hard drives! While I've been archiving my original images to DVDs, I have hundreds of images on my computer. I'd like to add more...

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Article: April 2, 2007 HelpLine

Shooting Hoops Q) I'm new to digital SLRs and want to photograph my son's indoor basketball games. Working in shutter- and aperture-priority modes, I can get sharp photos or bright...

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Article: May 2007 HelpLine

Making Workflow Work     • Raw File Processing     • The "Oh-Really?" Factor

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Article: March 26, 2007 HelpLine

Interpreting Interpolation Q) When I'm resizing my images, I'm given several different options for interpolation. People tell me to use bicubic, but there are two sub-options. Which...

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Article: March 19, 2007 HelpLine

Dust In The Wind Q) Now that I've switched over from film to digital, I'm fighting one problem that nobody told me about-namely, dust. Why didn't I have this problem with film?

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Article: March 12, 2007 HelpLine

Making Contact…Sheets Q) I'm looking for a program that will permit me to make and print out proof sheets that I can file with my photo CDs. A long time ago I did this with my ne...

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Article: March 5, 2007 HelpLine

Playing Your Cards Right Q) I've followed your recommendation about using a card reader instead of connecting my camera directly to my computer. But I'm not sure of formatting. It...

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Article: With The End Result In Mind

Thanks to digital, I have total control over my images—and so do you. If I couldn't see the effect of exposure settings on the LCD and make adjustments on the spot, I'd have a lower percentage of keepers. What's more, I couldn't make...

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Article: True Colors

The joy of digital photography can be quickly diffused when the photograph we've printed doesn't resemble what we saw on our monitors. Dramatic differences in brightness, contrast and especially color make using a digital darkroom an exercise in...

Article: February 26, 2007 HelpLine

Hyper About Hyperfocal Q) I was out taking some photographs this weekend and a fellow who was nearby was suggesting that I should be setting my lens to a hyperfocal distance. I had no...

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Article: February 19, 2007 HelpLine

Examining EXIF Q) I'm looking for the perfect photo organizer. Most of those I've tried, if you try to organize images by their date, want to use the date they get from the EXIF data for...

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Article: March/April 2007 HelpLine

In Search Of ISO     * ISO Settings And Exposure Compensation     * RAW Delivered     * Travel Tip

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Article: Fast Basic Fixes

Readers of PCPhoto know that for my professional work, I depend on Photoshop CS2 for my image enhancements. For pros like me, it's the coolest program around. However, Photoshop Elements, CS2's little brother so to speak, offers many...

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Article: January/February 2007 HelpLine

Spot Begone     * Dust And The D-SLR     * Workflow And The Unwanted     * Tip For Image Sharpness

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Article: 10 Tips For Better Night Photography

Night photography is one of those aspects of photography that always gets attention. People love to see night scenes—that mysterious mix of ambient light and city lights. The challenge is to compose them well.

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Article: Creative Photo Sharing

E-mail is ideal for quick notes, but it's not a great way to share photos. There are better options. Software and Web-based services make it easy to create multimedia slideshows and professionally printed books, cards and photo gifts. You can even...

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Article: 4 Fundamental Photoshop Skills

Photoshop and other sophisticated image-editing applications can be overwhelming at first. The surest way to get comfortable working with them is to begin by mastering a few of the techniques you'll use most often. Once you've achieved some success...

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Article: Fine-Art Conversion

Recently, my good friend Karen Ippolito e-mailed me a fun self-portrait. Karen is a good photographer and a talented artist who has taken many creative photographs with her Canon EOS 5D. However, for this self-portrait, she used a tiny point-and-shoot...

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Article: October 2006 HelpLine

Image Sharpness Revisited * Image Sharpness Tip * Card Reader Or Camera For Download? * Quest For The Perfect Histogram Image Sharpness...

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Article: Color Spaces & Printer Profiles Revealed

When I visited the Crayola Factory in Easton, Pa., with my five-year-old daughter, I had an epiphany about color space. Back when I was in kindergarten, crayons came in boxes of eight colors. Nowadays, 64 colors is average. I knew all that, but what I...

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Article: Trade Tricks: Sharpening The Right Way

Sharpening is an important step in the image-editing process. While it won't make an out-of-focus image (or an image blurred by camera or subject motion) sharp, sharpening will increase the contrast between light and dark pixels at edges in the...

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Article: Black & White With A Digital Camera

At its best, black-and-white photography is a true art form, as a glance at the works of its many masters demonstrates. Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, John Sexton, Robert Werling and William Garnett are some of my favorites, but there are many others....

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Article: The Color Of Light

White balance is one of the new features we've had to learn to make the most of in digital photography. It's often seen as yet another technical hurdle photographers have to leap over in order to get a good image. Learn how to set it "right," and...

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Article: Jumpstart Layers

The use of Layers is consistently the most feared part of Photoshop. I've had photographers tell me that they just can't deal with Layers, and I know very good photographers who do excellent Photoshop work, but still believe they "aren't ready for...

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Article: Clean Up The Background

In my workshops, I used to tell students that the background was almost as important as the main subject. Today, I tell them that it's just as important as the main subject and that it can make or break a photograph. When we're traveling, we don't...

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Article: Getting The Most From D-SLR Camera Systems

When you buy a compact digital camera, you buy a camera. But when you buy a digital SLR, you buy into a whole camera system. That SLR body accepts a wide range of lenses, flash units, viewfinder attachments, optional power sources and other...

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Article: Display Your Photos Right

Though discussions about photography in magazines, classrooms, message boards and camera clubs often focus on the latest photographic equipment or the hottest Photoshop tip, in the end, it really comes down to one simple thing: the print. It's nice...

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Article: Top Photoshop Techniques

Photoshop is such a powerful application, with deep menus and a vast array of tools and controls, that even experienced users continually find new ways to use the program for better photography. One of the best ways to improve your skills with...

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Article: July/August 2006 HelpLine

Be Sure Of Your Backup     * 50 Ways To Lose Your Data     * Stuck On Auto     * From Film To Video   Be Sure Of Your Backup

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