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Article: March/April 2009: Helpline

In my last column, I tackled a question about shutter lag. The reader was frustrated with his camera and how the shutter-release button caused problems. “When I take pictures, it seems I have to press pretty far on the shutter button to get the camera t...

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Article: January/February 2009: Helpline

While you can use lenses designed for "full-frame" 35mm-sized sensors on smaller-format (APS-C) sensors (subject to the telephoto, or magnification effect), the converse isn't true. For example, the Canon EFS 18-55mm IS, included in the EOS Rebel XS...

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Article: October 2008 HelpLine

I typically use my camera in automatic mode, but occasionally I step out of my comfort zone and move into some of the other modes. I really understand the full manual mode but, quite honestly, I don't get the whole aperture priority and shutter...

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Article: Top D-SLRs Under $1,000

It was just five years ago that Canon introduced the original EOS Digital Rebel, which became the first digital SLR to sell for less than $1,000. That was a big breakthrough, and today there are more than a dozen models selling for less than that,...

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Article: September 2008 HelpLine

While searching online for a mid-priced, 67mm circular polarizer for my Nikon D200, I came across this filter description that has me puzzled: "Used like and gives the same effect as [a] polarizer, but designed for cameras with beam-splitting...

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Article: July 2008 Helpline

About a year...

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Article: May 2008 HelpLine


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Article: March/April 2008 HelpLine

In Windows XP, I have many subfolders defined for basic photo organization; however, I like to rearrange thumbnails in the folders as one would in a photo album. But I find that Windows often rearranges the thumbnails after I've spent a lot of time...

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Article: January/February 2008 HelpLine

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Article: December 2007 HelpLine

Step Up To A Larger Filter...

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Article: October 15, 2007 HelpLine

Q) On my camera, I have the option of erasing my images, formatting my memory card and doing a low-level format of my memory card. Which should I be doing?

Article: October 22, 2007 HelpLine

Q) I just bought my first digital SLR; actually, it's my first SLR, too. I've been spending nights and weekends trying to learn all of the various features, but there's one feature that I'm just not getting....

Article: October 8, 2007 HelpLine

Q) Red-eye has been a problem that I thought might go away with my new camera. I talked to someone and they were talking about red-eye reduction and red-eye correction. When I took a picture, they said that my...

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Article: October 1, 2007 HelpLine

Q) I read your HelpLine column a few months back about photographing fireworks. Thanks for the tips. I really like the shots I got, but I'm wondering about overexposure. Also, the...

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Article: October 2007 HelpLine


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Article: September 3, 2007 HelpLine

Q) I appreciate your recent advice on keeping files backed up (the June and September issues of PCPhoto). I'd add one more caution: If you're using an automated backup program (i.e,....

Article: September 2007 HelpLine

Compatible Savings Q) Often, I work with transparencies, making  a montage by cutting parts of a photo in Photoshop and mixing them with other shots....

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Article: August 27, 2007 HelpLine

Q) You mention the importance of backing up files frequently.  I'd like to share my solution to this "problem." The cost of external drives has been going down as the size of...

Article: August 20, 2007 HelpLine

Q) I've been playing around with the macro feature on my compact digital camera. I have some nice shots, but now I'm trying to work with a flash. All of the shots I have so far are pretty disappointing. The right...

Article: August 13, 2007 HelpLine

Q) My son will be playing varsity basketball this coming senior year. I started shooting his basketball games a year ago and have gotten some good images. I know they don't want flashes going off under the basket...

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Article: July 23, 2007 HelpLine

Q) When I bump up the ISO setting in my camera, am I changing its sensitivity? If it does, couldn't I just leave it there and adjust my aperture or shutter speed? ...

Also labeled: How To, Camera Technique

Article: July 16, 2007 HelpLine

Q) My new lens came with a weird-looking lens shade. When do I use it? I'm told I should use it to avoid flair with the sun. Is that the only time?

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Article: July 9, 2007 HelpLine

Q) I feel kind of silly asking this question, so I thought I would send you an e-mail and plead that you keep my last name out of it. Someone recently talked to me about a video...

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Article: July 2, 2007 HelpLine

Q) I'm shooting RAW and my friends tell me to ignore white balance because I can fix it on the computer. Is that right?

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Article: July/August 2007 HelpLine

Capturing Fireworks Q) I thought I'd try to experiment with taking pictures during the 4th of July fireworks displays this year. A friend...

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Article: June 18, 2007 HelpLine

Q) Since I've been using my digital SLR, I'm getting more and more worried about dust. I've noticed some of the newer cameras have some sort of dust-removal feature. I'm not able to...

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Article: June 11, 2007 HelpLine

Q) I know this isn't a highly technical question, but the situation drives me crazy. When I take the lens cap off my camera, I never can remember where I put it. Any suggestions you...

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Article: June 2007 HelpLine

Q) I'm going on the trip of a lifetime in a few months and I was looking to stock up on memory cards so I don't have to bring my laptop with me. With prices coming down and card...

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Article: May 29, 2007 HelpLine

Q) I see all of those neat shots of waterfalls, where the water looks so strange. How can I do that? 

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Article: May 14, 2007 HelpLine

Q) At what point during image editing should I be sharpening? I've experimented with doing it while processing in Adobe Camera Raw, but I'm just not sure.

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