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Article: Toolbox: Max Storage

Image resolution is constantly getting bigger and better, and now that most new DSLRs are beginning to offer HD video capabilities as a standard feature, it’s more important than ever to have enough room for keeping all of your files organized and b...

Also labeled: Organization, Toolbox

Article: March/April 2011

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Article: ACDSee Pro 3

With faster RAW image processing, more customization options and expanded online functionality, ACDSee Pro 3 is a versatile app for organizing, editing and sharing your image library.

Article: Toolbox: Lighting Is The Difference

Try the creative use of lighting for a variety of in-camera effects, and also for achieving total control over a scene for perfect exposures every time.

Also labeled: Lighting

Article: January/February 2011

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Article: Adobe Photoshop Elements 9

Not every photographer needs all of the image-enhancement tools that Photoshop puts at your disposal.

Also labeled: Image Processing Software

Article: December 2010

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Article: Alien Skin Bokeh 2

Selective-focus techniques can take a good photo and make it great by focusing attention where you want, softening background distractions. ...

Also labeled: Image Processing Software

Article: Toolbox: Wide-Angle Zooms

Whether taking professional candids at events or family snapshots at parties, the winter season means an abundance of holiday festivities, and that also means more photos taken indoors.

Also labeled: Lenses

Article: Nik HDR Efex Pro

HDR imaging has emerged as a serious tool for photographers, and this new application from Nik is one of the most robust solutions we’ve used.

Also labeled: Image Processing Software

Article: External Storage

Chances are, you’re storing a lot more digital media on your computer than even just a year or two ago. Chances are, you’re storing a lot more digital...

Article: Photo Printers

This is an exciting time for photographers who like to make their own prints. This is an exciting time for photographers who like to make their own...

Article: Special-Duty Software

For many photographers, image processing is more work than play, but even if you enjoy it, you’ll appreciate the speed, control and creativity provided by plug-ins and specialty software.

Article: Essential Acessories

Ahead of the trend toward natural, interactive interfaces, the Wacom Cintiq 21UX offers the most precise way yet to interact with a truly useful, large-format display.

Also labeled: Buyers Guide, Accessories

Article: Bags & Cases

When taking your photography out on the road, it’s essential to have the right bag to carry the right equipment.

Also labeled: Bags and Cases, Buyers Guide

Article: Tripods & Supports

You probably know that tripods can make a huge difference in getting sharper pictures, but buying a tripod definitely isn’t as exciting as buying a new camera or lens.

Article: Flash & Lighting

Mastering the tools to control light is one of the most effective ways to improve your skills as a photographer. ...

Article: Lenses

Some photographers still ask if they can use old 35mm-film lenses on new DSLRs. SOME PHOTOGRAPHERS still ask if they can use old...

Also labeled: Lenses

Article: September/October 2010

Also labeled: New Products, Next

Article: Toolbox: Bags & Cases For Travel

There’s a delicate science to packing the essentials when you’re planning an extended trip.

Also labeled: Bags and Cases, Toolbox

Article: It’s The Lens, Baby!

Selective focus is a hot trend in photography. The soft, dreamy look is ideal for portraits, close-ups and scenics, directing attention by blurring your subject’s surroundings.

Also labeled: Lenses

Article: July/August 2010

Also labeled: New Products, Next

Article: Toolbox: Ultimate Travel Lenses

Now more than ever, traveling light is a pleasure.

Also labeled: Lenses

Article: Intuos4 Wireless

We love Wacom tablets for photo enhancements. Pressure-sensitive pens give you unmatched control and efficiency with common retouching tasks like cloning and painting layer masks.

Article: May/June 2010

Also labeled: New Products, Next

Article: Creative Flash

The word is finally out: TTL flash is a powerful tool to improve your photography, and easier to use than ever before. Modern TTL flashes are loaded with useful features and can even work wirelessly from your camera.

Also labeled: Flash and Lighting, How To

Article: March/April 2010

Also labeled: New Products, Next

Article: Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000A

Also labeled: Cameras, Video Cameras

Article: Portable Studio

I spend much of my year traveling the globe creating images, from shooting editorial assignments in remote Honduran jungles to teaching photo workshops in the shifting sands of the Gobi Desert.

Also labeled: Flash and Lighting

Article: January/February 2010

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